Fare Info & Policies

$4 Single Ticket Ride WEEKDAY (One-way trip)
$6 Single Ticket Ride WEEKEND (One-way trip)
$1 Bicycle Surcharge  (in addition to Single-Ride Tickets) 
FARES ALL-DAY PASSES (Only available via NY Waterway mobile App)
All-Day Pass WEEKDAY
$15 All-Day Pass With Bicycle WEEKDAY 
All-Day Pass WEEKEND 
$21 All-Day Pass With Bicycle WEEKEND 
$3 Bicycle Surcharge  (in addition to All-Day Passes) 
FARES 30-DAY PASSES (Only available via NY Waterway mobile App)
$160 30-Day Pass (Ticket valid for 30 consecutive days)
$190 30-Day Pass with Bicycle   (Ticket valid for 30 consecutive days)
$160 Monthly (Unlimited)
$190 Monthly With Bicycle (Unlimited for you & your bike)

Company Ticketing Policies

  • All passengers are required to purchase tickets prior to boarding. There are no ticket sales on board. 
  • Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) are located at all terminals and accept cash, credit, and debit payments.
  • All passengers are required to disembark at the end of a scheduled run, at either the East 34th St. terminal in Midtown or the Pier 11/Wall St. terminal downtown. (On summer weekends, the end of the southbound scheduled run becomes Governors Island).  Holders of Monthly or All-Day Passes will not be required to purchase an additional ticket when re-boarding.  All others will.
  • Single-Ride tickets purchased at the TVMs are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Monthly passes purchased at the Ticket Vending Machines or with the agent at Pier 11/Wall Street are only valid for the calendar month and year printed on the front of the ticket (including weekdays and weekends).
  • 30-Day passes purchased via the NY Waterway mobile app are valid for 30 consecutive days starting with the day of activation (including weekdays and weekends).
  • All Sales Are Final.  NO Refunds, Replacements or Exchanges.

Company Children Policies

  • Children ages five and under may travel free and do not require a ticket. A maximum of two children are allowed to travel free with each accompanying ticketed adult passenger. All other passengers (age six and up) require a regular Adult ticket.
  • Passengers under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Due to US Coast Guard safety considerations and the specific number of children’s life preservers available on board each vessel, no more than 40 children may be on board a vessel at any one time. Captains and deckhands enforce these rules and may impose other restrictions at their discretion.

Additional Policies

  • No personal checks accepted.
  • No rollerblades, skateboards, or heelies allowed on boats.
  • Only service dogs or small dogs in pet carriers are allowed on board.